Number of archived resources

This graph shows the number of resources archived by archiving agencies ordered by date of latest update.

Level of archiving stewardship

This graph shows the number of resources archived by level of stewardship.

Title Coverage Overlap Chart

The graph below shows the overlap between the collections of the Keepers Registry's archiving agencies. On the bottom left, the histogram or chart corresponds to the total number of titles archived by each agency listed on the vertical axis, from the smallest to the largest collection. The upper chart shows with histograms the number of titles that overlap between agencies. In the dot chart just below, the dots indicate which archiving agencies are being considered regarding those overlapping titles.

For readability, only the first 30 combinations containing the most titles are shown in the graph. When you click under a vertical histogram representing a predefined intersection, you can then click on the horizontal histogram to select an additional intersection and get the number of common titles.

The graph below shows unique titles archived by a given organization, e.g. among the titles preserved by Cariniana, almost 77% are not preserved by any other Keeper.